2007 Ford Focus Headlight nightmare

Okay old 7 Ford focus I’m having a problem getting my head laid out. Excitement change my label they gathered at 2007. You figure. It’ll be like. Taken any other label about. You can that Swiss 3 here. And you get it out. Right here if you could. You could certainly get your hand in there. I mean you could barely get your hand anywhere in there to work. Think it out so I won’t have taken the whole life all wall socket out. 10 millimeter right here it wouldn’t come off and so it’s about the full group front rate here and yeah but I guess what he is doing I couldn’t get my hand in here. Finally couldn’t get all way out. There’s this great here. And right there that it just like this line all night and. To get banking what I want. Okay if you can see Headlight. It’s in there. But their real rate there you go through plot plays in the ring was on the outside of late. A push it in there for me and that’s a mother because like I say is your.

2007 Ford Focus HeadlightYour hand. Barely fits in here. So get the ring in there. And then let alone I’m a new Balto gene scene they got the grill for. But I mean there’s no. Possible way. You can get your hands on their fear bigger person I probably could get with this when I’m gonna try. With that let the camera and they should be able to do it but here and that’s how you do it there’s no outlet outer ring and I’ll let you know that in dealing with this for half an hour now. Okay this when I was able to squeeze my hand in through here and actually twisted out with 2 fingers. And the. We’ll try to go ahead and get back in there was either the top not that you got it’s with stuff to get it out. I had the wind up taking the head laid off anyways on this one because I couldn’t get my hand in there. But if you could see in their. The light is actually senator I had to take it up with his little holes in there to get the late senator and I really didn’t pay attention I had thing back on again.

And if you could see back in there that when you think off center models are. So the little clips are not a hole in it and that will reduce our get take this one back apart. Yeah just said bill had laid in there also but yeah I think I think I laid off and I am pretty small hands dude and I couldn’t get my hands in there so I had to take. To tell millimeters right here. 10 millimeter re here in ring here the screws to get the grill and then if they have to offer here 2007 ford focus headlight. Alright here we go put it back together now like I said there’s a screw. That you gotta get the headlights of sid and that screw in there. Pin at the bottom of that here.

Pin at the bottom right here after sits on that 10 millimeter knots. This right here to get off it’s easier to get off because you got the rubber gasket here if you don’t take this off your for Nightwing Apollyon ripped the river gaskets to get take this off also. Be careful. Snaps in place down here all long years that’s in place. The other 10 millimeter. 10 millimeter says I would take the form of that apart I just took everything off right now gonna put the plate back and here right now and say she’s stamps rate into here. And there’s 3 plastic screws right here up operating. Like that I had the wearing of taking him out well because. We. So work from this little area. It’s a work from this little area here and don’t forget the bold don’t twist. It’s a washer around the ball that with all right to those that would focus headlight replacement.