Kia introduced the 8-steps automatic gearbox for sedans

Kia revealed details of a new eight-speed automatic transmission, that was developed specifically for front-drive models.

KiaDuring the creation of a new gearbox, the development of which began in 2012, the South Korean brand has recorded at least 143 patents. The transmission was 3.5 kilograms lighter than the previous six-speed “automatic gearbox”, which it has replaced. At the same time it is more efficient and there are less noise and vibration.

The most compact Chrysler headlights assembly, oil pump from the ones that had used in transmissions of this category was developed for the gear box.” In addition, Koreans used the “simplified” valve unit, the number of which decreased from 20 to 12, whereby the speed of switching between stages has increased.

A new transmission began to equip the Cadenza model of the new generation (in South Korea, it is sold under the name K7) with 3.3-liter gasoline V6 unit, developing 290 horsepower. In the future, eight-speed transmission will match other midsize and full size models with front wheel drive.