The fuel economy.

The fuel economyIt’s no secret that car economy plays a significant role in the steady increase in fuel prices. Perhaps these few tips will be useful for motorists.

On the efficiency, oddly enough, the driver of vehicle affects himself in the first place. More precisely – his driving style. Experienced drivers are recommended to drive so that as little as possible to use the brakes. It is necessary to calculate the road situation. If the traffic lights ahead and about the red lights, then absolutely no reason to “drown” the accelerator pedal to the floor, then to sink to the same brake pedal. Wiser is to “mistimed” and before the crossroads to slow down.

If the tire pressure is lower than it is recommended in the operating of manual of the car, the fuel consumption is provided.
It is necessary to periodically check the toe-out on a special stand. As if one wheel is moving in a straight line, and the other one is not, the car will slow down, and as a result – increased consumption, and in the appendage to the whole, a very rapid tire wear.