2004 Hyundai Accent Review

2004 hyundai accentWhen the letter arrived from high on die a few weeks ago inviting us to Scotland for the launch of the new high on die 2004 Hyundai Accent that was a bit of head scratching around the office. The highland die accident so I’m a small Cup news medium sized car it’s and then Sir whispers started going around the room. Does anyone know what the high on diet drinks it looks like I mean be honest if I said to you describe how by accident. Stock wouldn’t you. Well 5 years on from the original launch of the accent Thailand I bring is the all new Hyundai Accent now as you can see the resemblance is still that it’s hardly a break from tradition but this is the new accent. However let’s not get too far off the point because what hi and bye byes are concerned with is not looks but price specification and value for money what high and I say you get with the accent is a C class car for the price of a big plus because in reality that means you get something the size of a Ford focus. The price of a Ford fiesta the entry level 1.3 model coming at less than 8000 pounds something like this 1.5 GLS 5 tool will be under 10000 pounds.

It No inside you have a totally new dashboard and seats hung I think of them a reasonable job of making the interior look fairly pleasant. Stead of Latin mass of gray plastic they’ve broken up with this sort of hi fi effect center console which looks okay the steering wheel is adjustable the seating position is very comfortable in this GLS mon we also get a radio CD at conditioning the ubiquitous dumped Cup holders as well anti owned by claymore head and legroom than in either a goal or an extra which to be honest seems slightly hard to believe but they say it so we have to believe it now it’s all very well kitting a car out with all the goodies but at the end of the day you want to know how it drives. So how does the Hyundai accent actually drive out on the road what like well not but a tool to be perfectly honest a cruising speeds on the much weight it’s very quiet and very refined this very little wind noise into the cab of the engine is have certainly done a good job that. Staring position and driving position is very comfortable. 2 we found that the clutch is very lights – 2004 Hyundai Accent headlight assembly, but the gearshift perhaps not quite so it feels very not she particularly, the shift down from third into second.

Now we have prepared to give high and die the benefit of the doubt the fact that this car is still brand new with Sonny down some 700 miles or so and maybe just need some loosening up. How in the accent comes from I the 1.3 petrol putting out 84 brake horsepower or 1.5 petrol putting out 88 brake horsepower both will cover about 40 miles to the gallon and that’s the option of a 4 speed automatic transmission when trouble is unaffordable stand the driver and passenger airbags and. The belt pre tensioners protect occupants. The new card took just 27 months to develop at a cost of $200000000 high andai plans to build 350000 units a year at the Olson number 1 plant in Korea in the UK expect high and I sales to be around the 12 to 14000 units a year amazingly in 1998 the accent sold nearly 15000 versions.

Power steering is standard on all models IPS it’s standard on the more expensive models as well as a safety feature called electronic break. If you should, Which varies the force between the front and rear axles depending on the weight of the cargo and the passengers Delphi and I claim it’s one of the few because in its quest to have this safety feature. Hi I’m die say that they’ve had help from the engine is lotus in developing the suspension and right of the accent. Although to be honest we found after driving on the roads of Scotland the right to be very one away and soft. And needed to be a lot firmer. I So although the accent have changed it hasn’t really felt that that much if you’re looking for a piece of size car of value for money com but without having to pay the high cost of. The market Gulf a focus for an extra then look to wolf this accent along with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty the accent really is a great all around package from those very clever people in Korea.